All Rajasthan Corrugated Board & Box Manufacturers’ Association (RCBMA) was founded in the year 2000. Within a short span of time, RCBMA has become an extended family of over 100 corrugators from all over Rajasthan.

RCBMA was formed to look after the welfare of those connected with the corrugated box making industry in general and the Association’s members in particular and to help and render assistance in every possible manner at establishing markets and improving the corrugated box making industry. The other objectives of RCBMA include organizing lectures, seminars, conferences etc., to publish literature, books, and periodicals, to promote training and diffusing of useful knowledge for those in the field.

RCBMA is affiliated to the Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of India (FCBM) headquartered in Mumbai. All members of RCBMA automatically become a member of FCBM and are entitled to all benefits of the FCBM membership.RCBMA is also a member of the Rajasthan Chamber of Commerce.

RCBMA has increasingly become active in the recent years. It endeavors to reach to more and more players of the Corrugation Industry of Rajasthan by going online and launching its own website. It also plans to set up its own permanent office. The RCBMA office will be equipped with a high-tech lab. The lab will be equipped to test GSM, Cobb, Bursting Strength, RCT and ECT of board and paper as applicable