Benefits Of Membership:

  • Entitles members to get the free membership of FCBM
  • Entitles members to send specific queries or industry-specific problems related to duties and taxes and even technical matters.
  • Entitles members to periodical publications i.e. Corrugator Magazine and Board Guidelines and Circulars in changes of law related to our industry from time to time.
  • Concessional special rates for testing facilities as and when the Testing Laboratory is established.
  • Access to all workshops, technical seminars, etc organized by the Association from time to time.
  • Entitles members to the Membership Directory which puts you in touch with fellow corrugators and vendors.
  • Access to the new RCBMA website where we will be accommodating various e-services like e-updates with technical articles and newsletters. All these services can be availed through Members login where members can log in to the member’s area and advertise products, sell/buy equipment.

How to become a member?

To become a member of RCBMA, you will need to fill in the Membership Application form Click to View Form

Membership Eligibility

Any person, firm, Jt. Stock Company or other Corporation engaged in any manufacture of Corrugated board (either by mechanical or by a manual process) with Corrugation machine shall be eligible for admission as a member.

The Governing body shall decide any question which may arise as to eligibility or otherwise of any candidate for admission as a member, and their decision shall be final.

Membership Fees

Every member shall pay the following subscription –
An admission fee of Rs.1000/- only.
An annual fee of Rs.3000/- only.