Vision Statement

“To bring together all the Corrugated Box Manufacturers of Rajasthan for the common good, upliftment and technological advancement of Corrugation Industry and to develop a strong interface with various stakeholders like vendors, customers, government and other associations.”

Activities & Services

  1. Conducts Seminars and lectures to spread information and knowledge on various topics that are beneficial to the members.
  2. To run the Laboratory and provide Testing Facilities on various parameters such as GSM, Bursting Strength, Cobb, ECT, RCT etc. at very economical rates for the benefit of the members.
  3. Update the members with all the latest changes in statutory requirements affecting the Industry.
  4. Provide a Forum during the meetings for the members to share their grievance issues.
  5. Providing members opportunity to post their buy/sell leads for inventory and machinery at very economical rates online.
  6. Represent with the Government Authorities to sort out any anomalies, difficulties faced by the Industry.

The aims and objectives for which the Association is established and functions are:-

Interest of Industry

To promote and protect the interest of those connected with paper corrugating and box making industry in the production and distribution of essential packaging materials.

Assistance to Industry

To help and render assistance for the starting of organizations or institutions for the manufacture and sale of corrugated boards and boxes and in establishing markets, syndicates or boards with such functions and duties as may be assigned to them from time to time.

New Markets

To survey and explore markets, both within the country and outside it, for corrugated boards, boxes and such other allied products.

Government Interaction

To urge upon Governments, both in States and in the Centre, for legislation and statutes and other measures, and to institute such steps to secure corrections and improvements to those legislations, statutes and measures, as will afford reliefs to members of corrugating and box making industry and benefit them.

Interaction with outside Bodies

To communicate with Chambers of Commerce, trade and industrial associations, and other commercials, and public bodies, within the country or outside it, and to promote measures for protection and improvement of corrugating box making industry and persons connected with it.

Statistics & Information

To collect, maintain, and circulate statistics and other information’s relating to the corrugating box making industry.

Establish Code of Discipline

To formulate just principles and fair practices in trade and impose such conditions for the conduct of manufacture, trade and business as will form a code of discipline among the members in particular and others in the industry in general so that such principles and practices will be in the interest of all sections from suppliers and consumers.

Arbitration & settlements

To arbitrate and settle all disputes and differences arising out of commercial transactions between members, and between members and other sections such as suppliers, consuming buyers, processors and their agents

Promotion of Trade, Commerce & Industries

To promote and advance commercial and technical education in different branches of craft and science as may tend to develop trade, commerce and industries including Cottage industries, particularly as those related to corrugated board, boxes and allied products.

Formulation of Standards

To form and get implemented standards for necessary raw materials, finished goods and allied products of the industry by the Indian Standards Institution or other institutions, government agency or other authority or industry or association of any other industry.

Knowledge Development

To help, encourage, and set up classes for developing knowledge and information connected with corrugating and box making industry and by organizing discussions, lectures, correspondence courses or by holding meetings, seminars and conference.

Knowledge Dissemination

To establish libraries, classes and workshops of education for training, promotion, instruction and diffusion of useful knowledge as will benefit those engaged in the corrugating and box making industry and also look after the welfare of skilled unemployed persons in the field.

Promotion of talent

To give scholarships or donations in cash or kind to deserving students taking special training in the field.


To publish periodicals, journals and books useful to corrugating box making industry or to subscribe to such publication.

Affiliations and Memberships

To affiliate with any Chamber of Commerce, or association, or to admit any of the membership, and also to aid or to receive aid in any form from any other society, or Chamber of Commerce, association, business house, or any individual for promoting or intended to promote any of the aims and objects of the Association.


To invest money and property of the Association not immediately required for the purpose of its business upon such securities and in such manner as prescribed by law in force or as may be determined from time to time.


To borrow or raise money either on loan or by mortgaging or selling the properties for purpose of fulfilling the aims and objects of the Association on such terms and conditions as may be expedient.

Receive Donations

To accept and receive any bequest, gift, donation, contribution, endowment or subscription, in any form conditionally or unconditionally from any member of the Association or from other sources or any philanthropist or association or public body; or otherwise establish funds or endowments for protection or attainment of the aims and objects of Association, and to invest the same in such manner as may be prescribed by law or determined from time to time.

Acquisition of Property

To acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise, lands, buildings or other properties, movable or immovable, as the association may think of from time to time.


To appoint staff for carrying in the work of the Association, and to grant and disburse wages, bonuses and allowances to employees or ex-employees of Association and to do such other thing or things to advance the interest of the Association.

Other Incidental Activities

To do all such other things as will be conducive to the development of trade, commerce and industry, as they relate to the corrugating industry, or incidental attainment of the aims and objects of the Association.

Provided that such acts are not repugnant to the Law in force at the time and provided that the Association shall not support by its acts or with its funds or to endeavour to impose on or procure to be observed by its members or others, any regulation or restriction which would violate the religious beliefs of its members or others or which would make it a trade union.